Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catching Up

I've been meaning to start a blog on the Mindtriggerz Project for a long time now. This will be the first post and hopefully will kind of catch everyone up on where we are, what we've been up to and where we are headed next.

First, about the project. Our goal is to give donated used computers a "second life" by installing Ubuntu then loading the machines with open-source educational software. We will then place the computers in the homes of elementary-aged kids in the Lexington area who could not otherwise afford them. We placed three "beta" machines last summer and have approximately 30 machines ready to roll out of here!

On December 18th we will be meeting with the wonderful folks at our local Community Action Council to discuss our project with their clients. On December 20th from 10am until 2pm we'll conduct a training session at the Cardinal Valley Park Shelter to demonstrate the machines and give the children some hands-on time with the computers.

We've had an incredible success rate with the donated equipment. Great thing about the open-source operating system and software - it doesn't demand much in the way of RAM or hard drive space. We're hopeful that a few articles being posted in local neighborhood association newsletters will refill the space that will be left when this batch of computers go to new homes.

We meet every Saturday at Jesse's house to work on computers. I'm going to start posting each Saturday to keep everyone up to date - and will likely backtrack a lot to fill in for all the time that we've not been posting!


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