Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scheduling conflicts

Due to a scheduling conflict, the Mindtriggerz teaching lab was not open for business today :(
Apparently another entity had rented the shelter location for the day and somehow that info didn't make it to us - which isn't to say that we weren't told about it at some earlier point that just wasn't remembered in time.
ANYWAYS, Jerome did get our 15th computer delivered - even a little early today and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon moving around palettes in his house and rearranging all the computers that have been donated. This is a good thing. He plans on opening the lab next Saturday and if he has no "continuing" families, will likely shut down for the season after that and join us at the Dunbar Memorial Garden.
A note will be posted so that Mindtriggerz families can "schedule" signing up or continued training by calling him. As usual, we will continue picking up donated computers and components every Friday from 1 to 2pm. Visit our website at to learn of ways you can help us with this and the other projects of the Jesse Higginbotham Technology Trust.
Jesse's Mom

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